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The future of the future…

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I’m Arif Jordan, owner and operator of Black Programming LLC. We specialize in web development, app development and cyber security. I decided to start Black Programming the moment I realized that in the programming world:

  • 66.2% of programmers are white males.
  • 20.2% are asian.
  • Leaving 13.6% of the industry being occupied by those of my hue.

I’m in a unique position; where I can both bring more awareness to the beautiful field of computer science, AND provide a space for us by us, further cementing our contribution as a people to our beautiful and continually growing world.

The site will be going live, on 01 January 2021. During this time, I am still completing websites for people. You can use the contact form below to inquire. If you would like merchandise, you can click HERE FOR THE STORE 


Want to say hello? Want to know more about us? Drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.